The Uilleann Pipes

uilleann pipes

Making uilleann Pipes in the pitches of D, B natural and C#.
The D set is concert style, the B and C# sets are flat style uilleann (once known as union) bagpipes. Making Full Sets, 3/4 Sets, Half Sets, Practice ( also known as Starter ) Sets, Chanters (keyed and un-keyed for semitones), Drones.
G Drones, G & A Combination Drones, Standard Drones with 3 D pitches (relevant to pitch of set i.e. D, C# or B), Selling Reedmaking items, please see the uilleann bagpipe reedmaking page.

Links to photos and videos of some of the sets of pipes are on this page and the blog.

Waiting Time for uilleann pipes, practice sets, chanters, drones

At the moment waiting time varies depending on what I have under construction, I often have part made uilleann chanters ready to be made to order. Please contact me regarding your requirements.

Formed Loop Bridles

low priced only £ 0.15 each while stocks last

Reedmaking Shooting / Gouging Blocks

£15 each plus postage

Extra Long Shooting / Gouging Block

£20 plus postage
5.5" (approx 140mm) shooting length